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Our passion is games, our vision is to create the games you want.

We want to make a name for ourselves in the coming years by providing games for a lot of genres and cover as many platforms as possible to establish xyTec as a competent company in the market.

We are not pressured by big publishers to release our games in an early, unfinished state.

The goal is making bugfree and enjoyable games. Away with crashes, lag, missing settings, no save options and all the stuff that plagues games today.

xyTec-Games will not dissapoint you, we will prove and realize what we say.

Got any questions? You can reach us 24/7 via mail in either english or german and we'll try to answer your requests.

We have planned a lot of future projects and we want you to decide with us what the next game will be.

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Everybody is important, every single one.

Last but not least, xyTec Games says

Your thoughts are our experiences!

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