XMAS Tree Deluxe


New Updates:

1. TimeAttack: 27-70

2. Better stability on older devices

3. Shorter loadingtimes

4. Bugfixes&improvements



1. Without the premium version (less advertising)

2. Renamed freemode in XMAS Decorator

3. "Go to Freemode"-  its now only one button "Decorate Trees" - change the xmas   trees/background on the fly in the decorate level

4. Now you can read the privacy policy for XMAS Tree Deluxe on our homepage

5. If you start the game the first time a popup window appear with our privacy policy

6. A privacy policy button in the main menu

7. More Games&Update button

8. Loadingtimes are shorter

9.  We integrated the dancing santa from our trailer in the game

10. Support nearly all devices >1GB RAM

11. The tutorial-santa pop-up only one time after a game update

12. Works with the newest Android version



1.  If you quit the app you start automatically with the MainMenu

2.  Open the menu multiple times is not longer possible

3.  After restart the app the unlocked music is now available

4.  After you close the freeBoosterMenu, you can now tap on the other menuĀ“s.

5.  Now you can purchase useful stuff in the BuyMenu

6.  if you used a timestopper at the end of a level, you won and lost the level at the same time

7.  A bug in level 9 fixed - HolyLights dont worked

8.  Other improvements&bugfixes


1. The levels are easier to win

2. More levels

3. If you tap/drag the decoration item - the size of the items gets bigger (you get a better overview)


FREEMODE - XMAS Decorator:

1. Layer switch function (so that you can choose what is in the back/foreground)

2. Rotate the xmas items 

3. We add a freemode (new name: XMAS Decorator) menu

4. Change the background in freemode (new name: XMAS Decorator) on the fly

5. Change the trees in freemode (new name: XMAS Decorator) on the fly

XMAS TREE DELUXE is a sweet Xmas game. Use your brain to win the game!

Decorate the trees in time and unlock cool things! You have three awesome booster that help you to win!

Decorate you own amazing xmas tree!

Rotate, change the size and change the layer from the xmas items. Make a screenshot for you, friends and your                              family!

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