Earl of Halloween


New Updates:


1. Online leaderboard for 

each score level (endless mode)

2. You can choose if you support the dev´s with ads or not

3. All-in-one button with a special price

4. Three characters to play (watch three ads to unlock each character)

5. TimeBooster SpeedUp&Down

6. If you are logged in to Facebook you can click on your name and your id will show up (You can send us via mail your id and we delete your name in the online leaderboard if you want)

7. Works with the newest Android version

8. Some bugfixes&improvements

9. Introvideo

10. TimeGate W1&2

11. Shorter loadingtimes



Old Updates:


1. Tutorial button

2. Campaign with 2 worlds (1 world for free)

3. Special coins

4. More monsters, backgrounds, songs and some other stuff

5. MoreGames button

6. Facebook share button

7. Ads are integrated only for the free level

(4 trys after an ad appear)

8. Some bugfixes&improvements



Cool animated Characters&Environments and a spooky flair

Online/offline highscore

Three different char´s to play

Play 3 level and two worlds complete for free!!


Buy more level/Worlds for more fun!

Play two unique Worlds with special boosters!

Help count wearwolf to collect the magical pumpkins!

Only one touch gameplay

but not easy to play!

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