Monstercute Saga

Indie development

xyTec Games


A really cute match-3 game!

Save the planets and rescue the worlds. Good tutorials to start immediately. Only ads integrated to earn free stuff. Just play and have fun!

Over 90 level to play

more with updates!

Update 2021:

1. Map 3/4/5 + bonus levels

2. More sweet world animations

3. More comicĀ“s

4. More unlockable stuff

5. Bossfight against aliens

6. Fix problems with the FB login

7. Bugfixes&improvements

!Unlockbale stuff!






















      Unlock different   startscreens with coins


  Unlock funny minigames to win coins!

  Unlock sweet animations                      to earn coins!

  Turn every day the wheel of fortune and click the daily bonus button to claim cool things for free!

  A sweet storyline with animated comics!

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