The Ultimate rhythm box game!

Oculus Rift/Rift S: 

Randomized created levels, many music tracks and cool visualizations to the beat! More than 100 level/songs are integrated and a custom mode with various of settings as well. Fit the settings to your gameplay and upload/play every song you like. Play the campaign and the custom mode to unlock cool stuff like different locations, gloves skins and wall skins! Each location is individually constructed and in each location are unique visualizations to the beat of the music! You can also join the chill area.

Sit down, move around the different locations and chill to your music!

An easy tutorial guide you through the beginning.

There are 3 different Profiles to play and save your progress. And a new 360 degree boxing mode with an up&down feature!

Easy menu management!

Various of game and graphic settings! Set the height, size and length from the cubes to your gameplay!

Cool unlockable stuff, like different locations, glove/wall skins and other cube skins! If you switch the skins, you change the cubes/ground from the menu too! Everything you change will be automatically saved in your profile! You can also change the visual hit effect and the hit sound!

More than 100 level/song are integrated with 3 different difficulties!

A custom mode with all settings you need to play in your individually style with your music!

Go to the chill area, sit down and move around the locations!

Hear your favorite music and chill with cool visualizations to the beat!

The time is coming! Play the ultimate rhythm box game "Box the beat VR"!

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